October 16, 2021

IT Career Zone

When it comes to choosing a career you have to find out which thing or field excites you the most.


So, firstly let’s understand about your field ?

You’re interested in IT. But don’t now the career paths in IT.

Then you’ve come to the right zone. This article will help you to understand “IT World” and to find your career.

For many people, IT is equal to those guys who helps you whenever you face networks issues and this is totally wrong.

You have to understand the whole picture of IT. What is it? Why is it so important? Most importantly how can you make a career in this field?

IT (Information Technology)

The basic definition of IT (Information Technology) is its application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad side.

IT continuously is changing the way we live and do business, so don’t be surprised if I say it is the fastest-growing career field and will continue to be for years.

The IT jobs are dominating the market due to various factors :

  • Internet and E-commerce
  • Low hardware prices so that local businesses upgrade their technology
  • Increased demand of IT specialist
  • Teenagers keen interests towards this field
  • Increasing mobile devices

Though this field is growing day by day or should I say second by the second there is no guarantee for success.

Careers in the IT Field

Now, you understand the picture of IT.

So, time for focusing on Careers.

Here is the list of careers in IT field. So choose your career according to your interest.

Always remember, your interest matters more than anything.


IT careers in demand

AutoCAD Drafter

1. AutoCAD Drafter

Computer Animator

2. Computer Animator

Cloud Engineer

3. Cloud Engineer

Chief Information Office

4. Chief Information Officer

Computer hardware engineer

4. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Programmer

5. Computer Programmer

Computer Scientist

6. Computer Scientist

Database Administrator

7. Database Administrator

Data Scientist

8. Data Scientist

DevOps Engineer

9. DevOps Engineer

Graphic Desginer

10. Graphic Designer

Health Information Technician

11. Health Information Technician

IT Help Desk Technician

12. IT Help Desk Technician

Information Technology Manager

13. IT Manager

IT project manager

14. IT Project Manager

IT Security Specialist

15. IT Security Specialist

Mobile Application Developer

16. Mobile Application Developer

Network Adiimistartor

17. Network Administrator

Network Architect

18. Network Architect

Robotics Engineer

19. Robotics Engineer

System Analyst

20. System Analyst

Software Engineer

21. Software Engineer

User Interface developer

22. User Interface Developer

Video Game Desinger

23. Video Game Designer

Web Developer

24. Web Developer