October 16, 2021

Kevin Mitnick- The Magician Hacker

Well, no doubt he is a magician hacker.

After, reading his book “Ghost in the wires” for me he is indeed a magician.

A magician who plays with human minds.

Things I learned from Kevin Sir

Social Engineering

Whenever nothing works out for you. Your attacks aren’t responding. You don’t know what to do?

Start social engineering. haha! This will work for sure.

Maybe sometimes, tools are not much handy but social engineering skills helps you work out through every situation.


Well, hacking is an addiction. Yes, like other addictions.

We know that every addiction is bad, but this addiction is worse.

So, if you choose this addiction make sure one thing, you may face FBI’s Valentine.


This is my favorite line. Well, everything in this book sir said is my favorite.

But honestly, these lines by Kevin sir is inspiration.

I liked nothing better than to set myself a challenge that I didn’t think could be done, then see if I could do


His gram and mother always supports him. No matter what the situation is.

I think they were stronger then Kevin Sir.

Family support and love are all you need when you are low. When you feel like why I’m living in this fucking world? My whole life is a mess. I want to die.

But then suddenly you change your mind. Why? Just because you have your family and they love you a lot. And you don’t want to hurt them.


A constant fear will always be with you. A fear can be anything. But most important thing is, how you deal with it.

No matter what the situation is, never let your guards down.

At last, but not least…..
Make sure you read this book.
Not because you want to be a hacker.
But because you want to know what real hacking is?

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Kevin Mitnick
( The Darkside Hacker)
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